Bartender Jacob

Bartender Jacob

Personal Bartender from Orange County

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My story

My name is Jacob, I worked as a head barman in clubs and bars all over Europe. With over ten years of bar and event management experience, I know what to look for while planning the event for you and your guests.

My cocktail and drinks knowledge is excellent and I would be very happy to discuss, plan, and design the perfect cocktail menu for any occasion.

“Live in
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Bartender Jacob customer testimonials from Yelp

“Great guy, Jacob was very professional and handled my 25 guests easily. I would definitely recommend his services. He was very well prepared for the event and made his own mixers.”

Selma S., Yelp

“Hi everyone, I'm so happy to found Jacob (a private Bartender) for my Salon grand opening he's so professional, sweet and honest, I will hire him again for my next event, I really appreciated his service, I also want to rate him 5 Stars.”

Paulna H., Yelp

What I do

Craft cocktails

Craft Cocktails

A personal bartender’s craft cocktails are somewhat like a classical chef’s dish. Using studied flavors with only high quality ingredients, each unique cocktail glass is given the time and specific attention it deserves.

Everything about a craft cocktail is taken into consideration to create the final product. Custom glassware, custom ice cubes, made-from-scratch syrup infusions are just to name a few. You will never find a store bought, big batch of pre-made syrups on my counter. I take pride to render all juices fresh just before the event (and please trust me - this makes a big difference).

For your special event, I always recommend using traditional and high-end spirits to achieve the best experience. Specialty cocktails are created on site with smoked or seasoned spirits (liquors infused with herbs, fruits, citrus skins, herb-syrups, or bitters). Whether you prefer simple or more complex, your carefully crafted cocktails will bring you much greater enjoyment than the typical bar drinks.



To make your event stylish and classy or just make your life easier and save some time you can rent from me:

  • Bar station (rustic style from wine barrels or classic baguette bar)
  • Cocktail glassware
  • Wine glassware
  • Wine carafe
  • Water jars
  • Water glassware
Finger food

Finger Foods

Regardless of whether you want to throw a shindig with fancy holiday hors d'oeuvres or just serve some casual bite-sized munchies, serving finger foods is certainly a great idea (and often, it’s THE way to go).

Who doesn't love the opportunity to sample lots of different tasty little nibbles? Plus, opting for finger foods rather than a sit-down dinner will make your life a whole lot easier (quicker setup, cleanup, and no/few utensils needed).

Where I work

Bartender Jacob
Orange County
Los Angeles

I chose Orange County California as my second home and continue in my passion for creating new cocktail recipes, organizing events and making customers happy with not only great taste of cocktail but also with excellent customer service.

After a few years of providing private bartending services in Orange County California, having a lot of requests from Los Angeles I decided to provide my private bartending services also in Los Angeles.


Bartender Jacob
Huntington Beach

(714) 548-9256

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